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Meet The Team


Chad Brumit

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Founder & CEO

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Kyle Kemper

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Fractional COO & CFO

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David Baughman

Nelson Clyde Headshot.jpg

Nelson Clyde

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Executive Coach, Board Expert and Fractional CEO

Operations Executive &

Fractional COO

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Vince Morse

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Sales Executive &

Fractional CRO

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About Us

KEBLER Group is singularly focused on having a positive impact on those we serve by creating long term value for our partners and providing them with the right resources at the right time to enable their success.  Excellence is at the heart of everything we do and is evidenced by being a part of a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipient organization.  We bring that experience and drive to succeed to your organization.

What's in a name

Our name was inspired by the majestic aspen grove located outside of Crested Butte and was chosen for what the aspen grove represents.  Being one of the oldest and largest organisms on earth, the aspen grove is not a group of singular trees, rather it is a series of interconnected trees that grow from one another.  This exemplifies the very concept of succeeding together and serving a larger purpose, which is at the heart of the KEBLER Group and remains present in all we do.

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Our Core Values

  • Driven to serve our Faith, Families and Community

  • Operate with honesty, humility and integrity

  • Our clients success is our success

  • Sustainable results matter

  • Find a way or make one


As part of our mission to serve, we are committed to giving back to the communities that we are in.  As such we are committed to giving back a portion of our profits, time and talents to local non-profits making a positive impact for those in need.

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